Mission Statement:
The mission of the bearded guy designs is simple, make people laugh one t-shirt at a time.

Vision Statement:
I am not going to end world hunger, find a cure for AIDS or solve the middle east conflict but what I hope to do is make people smile. Lifestyle aside, people have sex because it is fun and we enjoy it... so why not celebrate that.

About us-me. The bearded guy designs is the brain child of Mitchell Koonce. A 49 year old gay man (with my two dogs, Peanut and Turkey) living in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL. After years of creating mainstream graphics for middle america, i was a graphic designer in retail print advertising, I decided to create a line of t-shirts different than what I could find in most stores. Constantly being told I was too out of the box, or too aggressive in my ideas I decided that there may be a niche for fun, silly, sexually orientated designs intended for people who were not afraid of being or expressing their sexual practices on a simple t-shirt. It all started after being laid-off from my last corporate job. Because of the economic down-turn of the Bush years, work was difficult to find. With the help and support of friends I took the leap to start the bearded guy designs. Launched in July of 2009, the bearded guy designs has become a retail destination for gay men, open minded straight people and lovers of fun t-shirts...who just so happen to like funny, silly, sometimes a little offensive sayings and logos.
My goals in life are actually pretty simple. Live life to its fullest, smile every day, take care of my little ones, love my friends and family and hopefully make some people laugh a little. My t-shirts are not about brain surgery or solving problems of the world, just fun.

the bearded guy designs
1620 w thome ave
chicago, il 60660
(415) 994-9518

A huge thank you to a few really great people...
The boys who put their time, energy and faces in the photos.....THANK YOU.
Donald Trumbull for his photography skills. check him out @ https://www.facebook.com/DSTrumbull/ 
And to the people who support me by helping out at street fairs, special events and promoting my t's by wearing my shit... THANK YOU-THANK YOU- THANK YOU.